New Year Greetings

As New Year approaches, and holidays are round the corner, the whole team of Kazachok wishes you all a very happy holiday season, wherever you are in the world.

May 2010 brings everyone happiness and good health and most of all, may 2010 see the end of the recession and an upturn of the economy!

Under difficult circumstances we do feel our trade remains optimistic and dynamic. Perennial properties such as classics or even "nostalgia" licenses are on a roll if you refer to the different market analysts - an emerging European tendency. For instance little Europeans will be discovering new versions of characters we are already familiar with such as Babar or Maya the Bee. Not doubt that the 3D makeover they underwent will turn them into tomorrow's heroes. The field of environment is a complex area where properties are having a difficult time settling in, but we believe that more ecological products will continue to emerge in 2010. Vampires have taken teenager hearts by storm. Why, how and for how long? Will it be a lasting trend?

Those are some of the questions we will be answering in the first International issue of Kazachok International Licensing Mag’ which will be launched in January 2010. With the goal to create interactivity between all of the European markets, the magazine will offer the readers a big picture of the International Licensing business.

In the meantime, we wish you all a festive season and we hope the New Year will be off to a great start!


WWF or an environmentally responsible property!

Christmas time is here, snowflakes in the air, happiness and cheer to share, children call Christmas their favorite time of the year. Then comes New Year with the good resolutions. Maybe reading through this article will make “protecting the planet” your n°1 resolution for 2010!

Created in 1961, WWF is the n°1 organization for environment protection worldwide. WWF is a scientific NGO that is present in over 100 countries and boast over 5 million members. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet.

For the past 10 years WWF has accompanied companies to help them follow better environmental patters. These "product partnerships" have a simple goal: to reduce the environmental impact of products and promote market evolution.

WWF International in Switzerland coordinates the licensing strategy. Each country coordinates the local licensing policy while WWF International supervises multi-territory contacts. WWF works with licensees along three lines: promoting the environmental aspect of the products, communicating on WWF's messages and collecting funds via royalties to sustain the organization's operations.

The WWF brand targets a wide audience. Just to quote a few, WWF works with about 30 licensees in France: Pimkie and Rip Curl for organic cotton t-shirts; Oxford for school stationary printed on FSC paper. Other developments are already underway.

A very wide positioning for a more democratic environmental consciousness, this is what WWF aims to!


The Little Prince Saga : A Worldwide Phenomenon

No need to present Le Petit Prince a.k.a The Little Prince in English, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of the novel (1934), the infamous quote “Draw me a sheep!.” But how much do you really know about this Little Prince?

Here are some key fast facts:

The Little Prince in print
- In France: 1 novelty each year by historic publisher Gallimard
- 2009: the Big Pop-Up, complete edition of The Little Prince in a pop-up version
- 2008: Joann Sfar created a comic book version that sold 150,000 copies in France and is available in 23 countries.

The Little Prince worldwide
- Translations in 180 languages and dialects: Il piccolo Principe (Italian), El principito (Spanish), O Pequeno Principe (Portuguese), Der Kleine Prinz (German)
- 120 Million copies in circulation worldwide
- Most translated book after the Bible

The Little Prince under the spotlights
- Numerous exhibits and even theme parks dedicated to the character
- Brazil: an exhibit showcasing The Little Prince in October 2009
- Korea: «La Petite France» park after The Little Prince
- Japan: dedicated museum opened 10 years ago

The Little Prince on stage
- 1977 to 2001: over 10,000 representations of Jacques Ardouin's play
- 1997: opera by Nikolauss Schapfl in Germany
- 2002: Richard Cocciante created a musical presented at the Casino de Paris
- 2003: Rachel Portman's opera at the Houston Grand Opera and at the New-York City Opera in 2008
- Sept. 09: revival of the 2006 version of the play adapted by Virgil Tanase at the Comédie des Champs-Elysées

The Little Prince as a spokesman
- 2008: UN spokesman for the 60th birthday of the Universal declaration of rights
- 2009: Unric ambassador (UN) for lasting development

The Little Prince licensing products
- A new worldwide graphic charter developed for 2009.
- A large range of licensing products ranging from stationary, luggage, toys & games, soft toys, little leather goods, birth sets, baby care, resin and plastic figurines, Medals, lithographs, etc.

The Little Prince in 2010
- Christmas 2010: France 3 will start running a new 3D series of 26x52’ produced by Method Films for kids 6 to12 years old
- Co-productions with the main European public TV channels: WRD in Germany, Rai in Italy, BBC in England, TVE in Spain.

The joy of seeing the world through a child's eyes, even when you are all grown up, even when you live on the other side of the planet, is the secret of The Little Prince’s global success!


The “Kazachok Forum 2010 – The International Rendez-vous” is coming back!

If you want to boost your Properties on European Markets, come to Paris, City of Licensing 8th & 9th of April 2010

The Forum is a real international “Rendez-vous”, attracting visitors such as International manufacturers, buyers for European retailers, International Licensors and Licensees.

It is definitely the best place to communicate on your properties and penetrate the French and European Market.

By attending the Kazachok Forum, you can give your business a boost by outlining your strategy to top notch prospects on your booth, during pitching sessions or one-to-one appointments.

Conveniently placed in the agenda, just before MIP TV, the Kazachok Forum is expecting over 1200 participants this year!

Don’t miss the International Hub for the International Industry.

Check out
http://forumlicence.kazachok.com for more details.