Vampiremania hits licensing

The new fantastic heroes have brought new blood to a market of which licensing definitely wants a bite.

After Le Roi Soleil and Cleopatra, Dracula will be the next hero of the musical that French star choreographer Kamel Ouali has started working on. The vampire created by Bram Stoker in 1897 is already back in bookstores in a new novel titled "Dracula l'immortel" (Immortal Dracula). Another reason to wonder like did French newspaper Le Parisien on page 1 last October: Why are vampires enjoying such a success? The answer is the Twilight saga! The series invented by Stephenie Meyer rekindled the literary gender by addressing a much larger audience.

The Twilight Effect
«Heroic Fantasy has existed for a long time but it used to enthuse mostly boys, notes Eglantine Deneux, executive director of the licensing branch at M6. Twilight is the first example of girls relating with that world.» That was proven by book sales (34 Million copies of the 1st four books sold) and completely confirmed when the first film after the saga came out with Robert Pattinson's performance turning into the idol of an entire generation of teenagers and young adults. « There are over 90 Million websites referring to Twilight and nothing but in France there are over 600 fans-clubs» says Eglantine Deneux. These addicts rushed to Twilight - chapter I: Fascination (2.7 Million tickets sold in France) and Twilight - chapter II: New Moon that was released on November 18th and are already dying to see Twilight 3 in July 2010.

A real godsend for licensees, starting with Neca the worldwide master – licensee that offers bags, jewelry, stickers, belts, hats, watches, figurines, etc. PhotoBox was a partner of the DVD and for the occasion created an exclusive poster on which fans could add their picture next to the leading actor. This huge Vampiremania that is mostly feminine has already started to trigger vocations. Vampire Knight, created by Matsuri Hino, is one of them. It’s a Shôjo, a girls' manga, that was a hit in Japan and after which an animated series was launched in 2008.

From fantasy to gothic
In Twilight or Vampire Night that is also about a pacific relationship between vampires and humans, teenagers find subjects they find important at that age such the fight between good and bad, transgression, and death experienced like a game. These themes are also important to the Gothic tribe. The Gothic trend is more a nook than fantasy but it has a lot of meaning for fans. Another example is the relaunching of Emily The Strange. This comic book character with long black hair is returning with an entire range of textile, accessories, and stationary that should attract gothic girls. Nelvana is also surfing that wave with its character Ruby Gloom, a little girl who lives in a dark mansion with her Cyclops, ghost and skeleton friends...

Nowadays who hasn’t dreamed of being a teenager fan of Twilight?
With society models swaying, little assurance of finding a job or not and family standards on the fragile side, it doesn’t seem surprising that teenagers want to seek refuge in worlds where reality is replaced by fiction, magic, virtual words or even darkness, all realms that appear fascinating and  exciting!


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A new licensing program based upon Tarzan is launched! It is handled by Paris Arabesques for French Speaking Countries and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

At close to 100 years old the King of the Jungle is more alive than ever!

A planetary cross-generation myth

Edgar Rice Burroughs published Tarzan of the Apes in 1912. It was the beginning of a saga that includes 26 novels, thousands of pages of comic strips, over 50 films, TV series, musicals and the inimitable cry! Even Disney produced an animated adaptation in 1999.

It was undoubtedly the comic strips that prompted Tarzan's worldwide success. All of the leading US comics' publishers published Tarzan and each country then translated the US versions as they appeared.

TV was not forgotten with 3 TV series starring the muscular hero.

Novel licensing potential

Right from the start Edgar Rice Burroughs protected the rights to his character and his famous cry for the entire world. Initially licensing essentially concerned the US. Afterwards his family continued exploiting the rights via a network of agents that were very active.

When the Disney adaptation was released a new licensing program was launched based on the film's graphic charter. When the contract terminates Disney continues distributing the film but all the licensing rights just returned to ERB Inc. The company decided to renew the policy followed by Marion and Danton Burroughs. Paris-Arabesques represents Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. For French speaking countries and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

A new graphic charter is underway

Different programs are being developed for publishing with new comic books and new stories. In the textile category, Gilmar just had a lovely success with its vintage Jane textile collection en Italy (100,000 pieces sold in one season!). A musical that comes from Holland and Germany is being discussed for France. Finally numerous promotional events currently being discussed will celebrate the centenary of Tarzan the immortal!


The International Kazachok Licensing Mag' is NOW OUT!

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Interview of Kelvyn Gardner, Managing Director of LIMA UK

Kazachok: What is the aim of LIMA in UK?
Kelvyn Gardner: LIMA exists to promote the interests of licensing as a business. We do this through education, PR, lobbying government and promoting the interests of our members in whatever way we can.

K.: How many members do you have? What is the profile?
K. G.: Currently we have 100 UK members. They range in profile from small, one person consultancies through to major corporations like Lego and the BBC. Members come from all sides of the industry, licensees, licensors, agents, consultants, lawyers and accountants.

K.: What kind of action do you have in UK for your members?
K. G.: Members get a big discount on the cost of exhibition space at all the major licensing trade shows that we sponsor each year. We also stage two full days of educational seminars and two networking parties each year. The last event, called the “Winter Warmer”, took place in London on 3rd December 2009. We are active in talking to UK government departments about key issues for members. This year we have spent a great deal of time talking with the Department of Health (UK ministry) about childhood obesity issues and what we can do to assist.

K.: What do you think about the licensing market in UK? How is it?
K. G.: We think that the marker overall will be down in 2009. NPD (Research Company) believe that licensed toy sales, for instance, are down 10% on last year. However, if we have a look on the last Brand Licensing Europe, 2009 had a record attendance: more exhibitors and more visitors, both from the UK and overseas. I would say, therefore, that, after a difficult year, UK licensing is in optimistic mood for the future. Looking forward to 2010, we believe that growth areas for UK licensing will include music, which has under-utilised licensing in the past, brands and, in particular fashion brands. Data available for November from retails also indicates that UK consumers are starting to spend money again, so perhaps the optimism shown by our members at Brand Licensing Europe will prove to be well founded when we move into the new trading year.



Deal brokering, brand debuts and networking, aren’t the only items on the business agenda at the Kazachok Licensing Forum taking place on April 8th-9th, 2010, in Paris.

The Forum’s conference programme, which takes place during the morning session over both days of the show, will also provide visitors with an opportunity to upgrade and increase their knowledge in key areas of licensing.

The conference programme is designed to help the licensing industry do business in a more informed and intelligent way. Lead by experts, the seminars are on-trend and inspirational. Retail is a major focus with two seminars dedicated to analysis, strategy and business development. Other topical seminar subjects cover social media marketing to teens, virtual world licensing, targeting kids with promotional premiums and of course an essential overview of the international licensing market.”

The conference programme is free and pre-registration for seminars is not required – just arrive at the designated room a few minutes before the session is due to start.

Thursday, 8th April, 2010

9:30am - 10:15am: The International licensing market: overview and perspectives?
EPM Communications’ Director, Ira Mayer will unveil his latest research and invite the audience to share questions, comment and opinion on the data.
10:30am -11:15am: How to use licensing for kids promotional operations?

Anne Villeneuve, Marketing Manager Family, McDonald's France, will cover choosing the right license, different promotional opportunities and consumer behaviour.
11:30am – 12:15pm: WEB licenses and their 360° development
Jérôme Peschard, Director Ankama Product and Julien Fabre, Licensing Manager Ankama will expose the synergies between content and the increasing importance of Cross media.

Friday, 9th April, 2010

9:30am – 10:15am: GFK Licensing panel, 2009 licences’ performances
Philippe Person, Business Group Director Entertainment GfK Retail and Technology France - Cécile Poulet, Business Group Director Fashion GfK Retail and Technology France will present the Top 10 Licenses, as well as the place for licenses in the cultural goods’ market.
10:30am – 11:15am: Social Networks, teenagers’ new favourite tools: how to use them?
Frederic Bellier, Senior VP Global Media Sales, Dailymotion will discuss how brands can reach a teen audience and how to harness this powerful communication tool.
11:30am – 12:15pm: Trade and licensing, what are the key factors of success?
Stéphane Fillastre, Director Retail & Business Development Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Kelvyn Gardner, Managing Director LIMA UK will offer analysis and insight into licensing at retail, expanding into Europe, how to exploit a license and respond better to retail needs.


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Super heroes remain highly popular

Every little boy has once dreamed of turning into Spiderman! Super heroes continue to attract as much as ever. But the weapons have slightly changed.

The super hero phenomenon – represented by Iron Man, Spiderman or Batman for instance - has been going on for dozens of years. They all share a common characteristic: they have super powers and are set to save the world from some kind of urgent threat.

There are two giants battling out on the field: on the one side we find the Marvel galaxy with Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and on the other side are the DC Comics heroes such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

In 2008, super heroes represented 20% of the worldwide box office returns. 3 out 10 French homes own a licensed Spiderman product making the Marvel property THE ultimate super hero reference. In 2010 Marvel will release Iron Man 2 and Thor before launching Spiderman 4, Captain America, and The Avengers in 2011. DC Comics will be celebrating its 75th birthday in 2010 with numerous things planned to promote its licensed products. However they don't have any film planned for release. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will come under focus by partnerships with Dolce & Gabbana and Diane Von Furstenberg, and the film Justice League should come out in 2011. As far as Mastermind at DreamWorks, the film has been delayed until 2010 and the studio won't give a specific date.

The super hero "qualification" is definitely growing. Ben 10, Sam Sam, Les Minijusticiers are now seen as super heroes by children.

On top of Barbie dolls and princess toys why shouldn't little girls be entitled to their super heroes or super female heroes? Totally Spies! might well be announcing this new trend. Will little girls be attracted by Catwoman or Wonder Woman as much as little boys dream of becoming Spiderman?


MMORPGs are a hit… and an evidence for teens!

The year 2009 is over and we can already make a review of the most popular games sold in Japan. Once again most of the titles come from Nintendo DS and Wii, with respectively four games each; however we can also mentioned the presence of a soft game on PS3 and PSP.

The winner on the game developers’ side is once again the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo with again four games to his credit, followed by Square-Enix in the second position, followed by Capcom, The Pokemon Comapny. and Level-5.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are enjoying a huge expansion with 11 to 15 year-olds because they are totally in phase with teenager desires and this for 2 reasons:

The background: MMORPGs are based on 2 fundamental characteristics of the transition moment represented by adolescence:
- Importance of friends and fellows to travel from the dependant moment of childhood to the independent adult phase (the group's conservatism hits a peak around 13/14 years old)... This explains why they are attracted to network games, chat forums, blogs, etc.
- Friendship, which is based on shared activities and on a young culture that has to be exclusive: one enjoys belonging to the teenager planet by showing distinctive signs and trying to set up a barrier as large as possible with the adult world!

The environment:
- These games are role-model games that are midway from interactive eanimated series and tactical video games.
- The world is heroic fantasy that makes it possible to project oneself into a fantasy world where "everything is possible» and where humor lightens the drama.
- It also represents the fantasy of achieving for teens who are trying to figure themselves out: "get your technical skills up, upgrade your equipment, and become a unique individual"!
- Most of all it represents the promise of a totally magic fulfillment of desires: «choose to be bad or good, to play alone or on a team... it's up to you to create your destiny!»

MMORPGs have all the necessary ingredients for a good teenager recipe: which teenager, or even adult, wouldn't go for such escape from tedious daily life as well as such a dream of personal accomplishment potential!