The “Kazachok Forum 2010 – The International Rendez-vous” is coming back!

If you want to boost your Properties on European Markets, come to Paris, City of Licensing 8th & 9th of April 2010

The Forum is a real international “Rendez-vous”, attracting visitors such as International manufacturers, buyers for European retailers, International Licensors and Licensees.

It is definitely the best place to communicate on your properties and penetrate the French and European Market.

By attending the Kazachok Forum, you can give your business a boost by outlining your strategy to top notch prospects on your booth, during pitching sessions or one-to-one appointments.

Conveniently placed in the agenda, just before MIP TV, the Kazachok Forum is expecting over 1200 participants this year!

Don’t miss the International Hub for the International Industry.

Check out
http://forumlicence.kazachok.com for more details.

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