WWF or an environmentally responsible property!

Christmas time is here, snowflakes in the air, happiness and cheer to share, children call Christmas their favorite time of the year. Then comes New Year with the good resolutions. Maybe reading through this article will make “protecting the planet” your n°1 resolution for 2010!

Created in 1961, WWF is the n°1 organization for environment protection worldwide. WWF is a scientific NGO that is present in over 100 countries and boast over 5 million members. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet.

For the past 10 years WWF has accompanied companies to help them follow better environmental patters. These "product partnerships" have a simple goal: to reduce the environmental impact of products and promote market evolution.

WWF International in Switzerland coordinates the licensing strategy. Each country coordinates the local licensing policy while WWF International supervises multi-territory contacts. WWF works with licensees along three lines: promoting the environmental aspect of the products, communicating on WWF's messages and collecting funds via royalties to sustain the organization's operations.

The WWF brand targets a wide audience. Just to quote a few, WWF works with about 30 licensees in France: Pimkie and Rip Curl for organic cotton t-shirts; Oxford for school stationary printed on FSC paper. Other developments are already underway.

A very wide positioning for a more democratic environmental consciousness, this is what WWF aims to!

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