A new licensing program based upon Tarzan is launched! It is handled by Paris Arabesques for French Speaking Countries and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

At close to 100 years old the King of the Jungle is more alive than ever!

A planetary cross-generation myth

Edgar Rice Burroughs published Tarzan of the Apes in 1912. It was the beginning of a saga that includes 26 novels, thousands of pages of comic strips, over 50 films, TV series, musicals and the inimitable cry! Even Disney produced an animated adaptation in 1999.

It was undoubtedly the comic strips that prompted Tarzan's worldwide success. All of the leading US comics' publishers published Tarzan and each country then translated the US versions as they appeared.

TV was not forgotten with 3 TV series starring the muscular hero.

Novel licensing potential

Right from the start Edgar Rice Burroughs protected the rights to his character and his famous cry for the entire world. Initially licensing essentially concerned the US. Afterwards his family continued exploiting the rights via a network of agents that were very active.

When the Disney adaptation was released a new licensing program was launched based on the film's graphic charter. When the contract terminates Disney continues distributing the film but all the licensing rights just returned to ERB Inc. The company decided to renew the policy followed by Marion and Danton Burroughs. Paris-Arabesques represents Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. For French speaking countries and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

A new graphic charter is underway

Different programs are being developed for publishing with new comic books and new stories. In the textile category, Gilmar just had a lovely success with its vintage Jane textile collection en Italy (100,000 pieces sold in one season!). A musical that comes from Holland and Germany is being discussed for France. Finally numerous promotional events currently being discussed will celebrate the centenary of Tarzan the immortal!

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