MMORPGs are a hit… and an evidence for teens!

The year 2009 is over and we can already make a review of the most popular games sold in Japan. Once again most of the titles come from Nintendo DS and Wii, with respectively four games each; however we can also mentioned the presence of a soft game on PS3 and PSP.

The winner on the game developers’ side is once again the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo with again four games to his credit, followed by Square-Enix in the second position, followed by Capcom, The Pokemon Comapny. and Level-5.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are enjoying a huge expansion with 11 to 15 year-olds because they are totally in phase with teenager desires and this for 2 reasons:

The background: MMORPGs are based on 2 fundamental characteristics of the transition moment represented by adolescence:
- Importance of friends and fellows to travel from the dependant moment of childhood to the independent adult phase (the group's conservatism hits a peak around 13/14 years old)... This explains why they are attracted to network games, chat forums, blogs, etc.
- Friendship, which is based on shared activities and on a young culture that has to be exclusive: one enjoys belonging to the teenager planet by showing distinctive signs and trying to set up a barrier as large as possible with the adult world!

The environment:
- These games are role-model games that are midway from interactive eanimated series and tactical video games.
- The world is heroic fantasy that makes it possible to project oneself into a fantasy world where "everything is possible» and where humor lightens the drama.
- It also represents the fantasy of achieving for teens who are trying to figure themselves out: "get your technical skills up, upgrade your equipment, and become a unique individual"!
- Most of all it represents the promise of a totally magic fulfillment of desires: «choose to be bad or good, to play alone or on a team... it's up to you to create your destiny!»

MMORPGs have all the necessary ingredients for a good teenager recipe: which teenager, or even adult, wouldn't go for such escape from tedious daily life as well as such a dream of personal accomplishment potential!

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